Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shocked At Racist Comments

Shocked At Racist Comments

As a civil rights and criminal defense attorney I am currently involved in federal civil rights case in which I represent an African-American, Aundrey Green, who was brutally beaten by three New Jersey State Police Officers. During the beating Mr. Green was handcuffed and unarmed. Mr. Green was kicked and punched numerous times, and his head was split open by one of the troopers metal flashlights. Much of the beating, not all, was audio-video taped by the Motor Vehicle Recording tape, which was on the dashboard of the troopers’ vehicle. To expose this brutal beating and the officers involved, the MVR tape was posted on Youtube and can be seen with the following link,

To date, there have been 32,000 view of the Youtube video and 301 comments to same. What is shocking to me, and has opened my mind to the racism against African-Americans, is some of the horrendous and shocking racist comments made against Mr. Green because of his race. When will this hatred come to an end?

Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., Esq.

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