Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Jersey State Police Get Caught in Another Police Cover-Up.

The State Troopers who were involved in the investigation of one of their fellow Troopers, Sgt. William Billingham, who was caught driving recklessly and intoxicated when Mr. Billingham rear-ended and nearly cost the life of an innocent Black motorist, Clayton Tanksley.

Instead of arresting Trooper Billingham and firing him from the force, his supervisors covered up Trooper Billingham’s criminal actions, and instead arrested the innocent Black motorist, Mr. Tanksley.

The New Jersey State Police claim the Motto of “Honor, Duty and Fidelity.” Taxpayers of this State support this State agency and we deserve more than more cover-ups from incompetent, dishonest and corrupt Troopers. It is clear that the Troopers continue to protect their own, as they did with Trooper Sheila McKaig who was caught three times driving while intoxicated and did not receive one ticket.

The actions of the State Police Supervisors who protected Trooper Billingham bring no Honor to the State Police or this State, are not performing their “Duty”, and demonstrate by their actions only “Fidelity” to each other.

The police officers of the New Jersey State Police our not above the law, and if they are to be respected they most first respect themselves and follow the Motto of “Honor, Duty or Fidelity.”

If the New Jersey State Police are serious about reforming themselves, there must be swift and serious discipline for Mr. Billingham and the Troopers who conspired, aided and abetted Billingham’s criminal actions.

Because it is clear that the New Jersey State Police cannot reform themselves it is time that the United States Attorney General or the State Attorney General’s Office, again intervene to investigate and prosecute this matter. Clearly the Troopers involved have committed a violation of federal law under the applicable federal criminal rights statutes. (18 U.S.C. Section 241; 18 U.S.C. Sections 242, 245)

May 11, 2011

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