Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wrongly Accused of a Crime, You are Not the Only One.

Innocent people are unjustly arrested everyday in the United States.  Police don’t always get it right, they make mistakes; they of course are only human.  In some cases unfortunately police officers fabricate a case.   This may be done for many reasons but some of the reasons may be that the police just want to close the case and charge someone  that they believe is a  “bad guy” anyway, so what does it matter.  Shocking, yes, but is a fact of reality and happens more than we think.  Yes shocking law enforcement is a competitive business and some cops are looking to make a name for themselves, get in the news paper, make lots of overtime, or make detective, or stay a detective.   Of course most police officers are hard working, and perform their duty with honor and integrity, but even these officers make mistakes, become to zealous or get lazy or sloppy in their investigation.

Attorney Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., has been practicing criminal defense in New Jersey for 23-years and has had many cases in which innocent people have been unjustly accused, and exonerated due to the tireless efforts and skill of Attorney Sanzone.  Whether it is with the wrongful planting of evidence by the police, false and fabricated confession planned by the police, misidentification, overbroad indictments, are only some of the reasons, Attorney Sanzone has successfully obtained dismissals and acquittals of some of his criminal clients.

The formula of experience, dedication and meticulous preparation is the method in which these results are obtained.  If you or someone whom you care about has been wrongly accused of a crime, you must make the most important decision in your life in retaining an experienced and affordable New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney. 

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