Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Arrested on the Beach-Sandy Hook, National Parks, and Gateway National Parks of Sandy Hook, Highlands, New Jersey

Summer is approaching and the ferry service from New York City to Sandy Hook Federal National Park is approaching with thousands of visitors from New York arriving every weekend.

Many visitors, however, are unaware, that this federal beach is patrolled by the National Park Police and that this law enforcement agency has a zero tolerance for inappropriate and illegal conduct.  This is especially true for visitors of Gunnison Beach (“the nude beach”).  Although the park service has permitted this clothing optional beach for decades, going back to when Sandy Hook was a federal army base, the park police will not tolerate public lewd conduct (36 C.R.R. 7.29c), the possession and use of illegal substances such as marijuana and other illegal substances, sexual contact and other disorderly person’s offenses. 

In the event that you have been arrested on this federal national park you will be prosecuted in the Federal District Court, located in Newark, New Jersey.  The attorneys representing the government will be assistant United States Attorneys, who are experienced in prosecuting these types of crimes or disorderly person’s offenses.  If the case is classified as a disorderly person or misdemeanor case it will be heard before the magistrate judge who is assigned part-time to handle all of these cases.

The Law Office of Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., has 24-years of experience in representing people accused of disorderly persons offenses and federal misdemeanor offense in this federal park.  In many of those cases Attorney Sanzone has been able to get the cases dismissed outright for lack of evidence, or successfully convinced the assistant United States Attorney to allow the offender to be admitted into the federal diversionary program, in which case the offender, would have no criminal record after successfully completing the program.

These types of cases, especially, the public lewdness cases pursuant to 36 CFR 7.29 are difficult and if arrested for this charge you are urged to contact an experienced attorney in this area of criminal practice. 

Some Sandy Hook Results:

United States v. M.C., Dismissal of lewdness charge.

United States v. S.Z., Charged with Marijuana possession. Order of Dismissal entered after successful completion of Pretrial Diversion Program, under Rule 48(a).

United States vs. V.A. Charged with Lewdness. Order of Dismissal entered after successful completion of Pretrial Diversion Program, under Rule 48(a).

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