Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Unfortunately, too often defendants will come to my office after waiting many months after being arrested seeking legal representation regarding their criminal case.  In many such cases the fact that they waited to seek experienced legal counsel will cause adverse consequences in defending their case.  Attorneys who have extensive criminal defense experience understand that pro-active investigation as soon as possible after an arrest can mean the difference between a dismissal-acquittal or a conviction.

Under the laws of New jersey essential evidence to defend a client will be lost or destroyed unless the attorney requests that the evidence be preserved.  Such evidence includes, but not limited to, surveillance video, mvr tapes (police motor vehicle recording tapes), 911 dispatcher tapes, and store video footage among other evidence.  In addition to this type of physical evidence there is the chance that there are unidentified witnesses  to the events or incident that will refute the facts that the police officers and their witnesses might have regarding the defendant.  It is common knowledge that with time witnesses disappear and/or their memories fade.  in order to find these witnesses it is the duty of the attorney and/or his investigator to find these witnesses since the police will not.

Most people are unaware that once an arrest is made the investigating police officers and/or detectives on the case will cease their investigation.  Any evidence that is helpful to the defendant will not be obtained or preserved by the police.  A defendant once arrested is on his or her own, unless of course, he or she is represented by an experienced union county lawyer, which might make all the difference in the world.

Know your rights and what you must do before it is to late.

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