Tuesday, March 29, 2011

David Jones President of NJ State Police, Get's Caught in Another Horrendous and Despicable Act

State Trooper Union President David Jones again discredits himself and the New Jersey State Police by his “Gestapo” attempt to silence radio host Craig Carton of 101.5 F.M, on the radio show “Jersey Guys.”
May 23, 2007, New Jersey Attorney General Stuart Rabner wrote to State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes, saying that Mr. Jones as president of the troopers union “discredited both himself and the Division of State Police,” when Jones released personal information about Mr. Carton creating the perception that Mr. Carton and any other citizen would pay dearly if they dare criticize or have a grievance against any state trooper or the division itself.
On May 3, 2007 when Mr. Jones held a press conference attempting to defend why on the State Trooper’s Fraternal Association’s password protected Web site had numerous anonymous trooper postings that threatened a “ticket blitz” against motorists because of the radio dis jockey’s comments. At that news conference Mr. Jones threatened to release Mr. Carton’s home address and license plate number, along with all of the executives of the radio station, because of Mr. Carton's comments about the state police.
For Jones’ horrendous and despicable behavior State Police Superintendent Fuentes disciplined Jones with a slap on the wrist with only a thirty day suspension and written reprimand.
This is not the first time that Jones has attempted to silence critics of the State Police. In one specific occasion Jones published two blatantly false and defamatory statements against this criminal defense and civil rights attorney in regards to a civil rights lawsuit filed against three troopers who had brutally beaten a black motorist.
It is with some relief that this time that David Jones was caught and exposed by the Attorney General and warned that intimidation techniques have no place in a free and democratic society.
I agree with Mr. Carton’s comments that Mr. Jones does not deserve to be carrying and badge and gun, and this is just one more example of a trooper who believes and acts above the law, and does not deserve to hold a job at the taxpayer’s expense.
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