Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Jersey DWI Conviction Tossed Based on Sleep-Driving

A Superior Court judge sitting in Somerset County New Jersey threw out a driving while intoxicated conviction based on the defendant sleep-driving, after she took sleep medication, Ambien and Seroquel, along with four glasses of wine, and retiring to bed for the night.

The defense attorney in this case argued that the defendant was “pathologically intoxicated”, and was not aware of the side effects of the medication she was taking, which had not been noted by the manufacturers.

The defendant claimed that she had no recollection of the arrest and processing at police headquarters, claiming that she only became aware of the incident the next day after she saw a number of moving violations on her kitchen table. The defendant’s blood alcohol level was .10% at the time of her arrest. The defendant was a resident of Hillsborough New Jersey.

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