Monday, October 24, 2016

Winning Strategies for a Successful NJ Criminal Trial Lawyer

This blog is being prepared as a public service by the Attorney Vincent J. Sanzone,Jr., and is not meant for specific legal advice.  In the event that you are charged with a crime, disorderly persons offense or misdemeanor you are directed to seek the legal advice of an experienced and acknowledgeable New Jersey criminal defenseattorney.

Often it is asked what makes a good criminal defense trial lawyer, and what does it take to convince a judge or jury that your client is innocent, or that state or government has presented a case with reasonable doubt in which the law requires an acquittal, or a finding of not guilty.

The first thing that the attorney must be is real, when I say real, I mean that you must present yourself to a judge and jury in such a way, that judge or jury perceives the attorney as actually believing in his client’s innocence, or in the alternative that the reasonable doubt is in fact real and present and that it would be a miscarriage of justice to render a verdict of guilty on the facts presented by the prosecutor.

How can a judge or jury give the benefit of doubt, which is reasonable doubt to the defendant, if the attorney who knowns the defendant best, acts and speaks as if he could care less about the outcome, and is only going through the motions.  Yes emotions do count, and most people in fact live most of their life through emotional responses.  Few people look at things totally analytically and logically.  Yes jurors and judges are no different.  Passion and dedication do matter, and attorneys who fail to dig down deep to their core being will not be able to convince the jury of their client’s side of the story.  Yes every defendant needs their side of the story to be told, and it is only his or her attorney that can do that through opening statements, cross-examination, presenting of defense witnesses and summations.  Yes a true criminal defense attorney who wins cases will have three things at his disposable, mind, heart and soul. 

Quote of the Day

Philosophy and theology are blueprints for life which can tell us right from wrong.  Although most people wrongly think that science and history can do just that, to wit, give us a moral framework which it cannot.  A hammer (science) can help you to build a church (history), but the hammer can’t tell you want the church should look like or what message will be taught in the church. Only when we adhere to solid moral teaching can we be assured of not repeating history and making the same awful mistakes.

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