Thursday, September 27, 2018

Republican Senators made a Big Mistake Letting a Prosecutor Question Judge Kavanuagh's accuser, Ms. Ford.

Republican Senators made a Big Mistake Letting a Prosecutor Question Ms. Ford.

Why did the senators retain a prosecutor (Ms. Mitchell) to question Ms. Ford, and not a competent criminal defense attorney to cross-examine Ms. Ford?

As soon as I learned a few days ago that the republican senators retained a state prosecutor to cross-examine Ms. Ford, I knew it was a big mistake. And after watching the hearings and her performance it is apparent that I was right.

Prosecutors are excellent with direct examination, but most are horrible at cross-examination, because in reality with most trials they have little opportunity and experience with cross-examining witnesses. Cross-examination is the art and the bread and butter of CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS, in which their cases rise or fall on their ability to discredit the state's or government's witnesses.

The republicans with their competent legal staffs could have framed vigorous and cutting questions, much better than prosecutor Mitchell, who is basically only asking direct questions, which are not exposing her inconsistencies and bias towards Judge Kavanaugh.

If I was cross-examining Ms. Ford the first question I would ask is why in her opening statement she repeatedly called him Mr. Kavanaugh and not Judge Kavanaugh. Further, knowing what she allegedly claims he did to her, why did she not follow his career, or look him up, google him, and knowing that he seat on the DC Circuit, never raised this issues with the authorities. The little admission or omission by Ms. Ford could have opened the door with probing questions as her level of prejudice and hatred against Judge Kavanaugh, in which she did NOTHING ABOUT FOR 36 YEARS.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr. Esq.
3 mins

Ms. Ford is a registered Democrat and is a viral supporter of killing the unborn at any stage of the pregnancy, including partial birth abortion.
Ms. Ford traveled all the way from California to Washington D.C. to attend the anti-Trump Women's March on January 21, 2017, to advocate LGBTQ rights, abortion rights, identity politics and the feminist radical agenda.
Do we forget what Ms. Ford's heroes (and organizers of the march) yelled on the stage that day, the obscenities and outrageous remarks about the United States and our beloved President Trump.
This woman would do or say anything to stop this devout pro-life Catholic from being confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and someday voting to stop the genocide of the unborn.
The abortion industry will do anything to continue killing the unborn, and they might be behind her directly. However, I do not think she needs any encouragement from them.
Let us hope some of our pro-life senators have the courage to cross-examine this radical pro abortion woman, and expose her for what she is, and what she really believes. That being that she hates Judge Kavanaugh for who he is, has become, what he believes,and all the things which she and her democratic party despises.
In the court of law, motive is always relevant and never collateral.
Vincent James Sanzone, Jr., Esq., September 19, 2018