Friday, February 1, 2019

Relentless Criminal Defense in New Jersey

Relentless Criminal Defense (908) 354-7006

For 29-years experienced criminal defense attorney, Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., Esq.,  has been representing defendants in criminal cases in almost every county in New Jersey.

Although no attorney can ethically make any guarantees about the final disposition of any criminal case, each prospective person seeking to hire an attorney for his or her criminal case must ask the attorney that he or she is seeking to hire the following questions.

1.  How many criminal jury trials has the attorney tried in his or her career?
2.  How many complete acquittals, not guilty verdicts,, has the attorney obtained?
3.  If acquittals were obtained, the type of cases and charges in which acquittals were obtained?
4.  Counties and judges in which the jury trials were tried?
5.  How many jury trials have they done in cases that are similar to yours?
6.  Whether they have any published appellate or supreme court opinions in the field of criminal defense in which there client was successful on appeal?

If the attorney becomes evasive to any of these important questions, that attorney is not for you.

Remember a prospective client should not be guided by a cheap fee.  Attorney Vincent J. Sanzone recommends that if you cannot afford to hire a private experienced competent criminal defense, that you are better off attempting to obtain the services of a public defender.  Also, almost every competent and experienced criminal defense attorney will charge for consultation fee.  (Attorney Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., consultation fee is $250.00 for one-hour.)  Remember, the consultation fee is being charged by an experienced attorney because his time is valuable, and valuable to you in the long run.  If the attorney gives free consultation, that is normally a red flag as well.

Be aware that there are a lot of attorneys that are claiming that they have experience in the area of criminal defense.  However, before you place your future and possible freedom in the hands of one of these lawyers, it is important that you do your homework.  Also, be aware of attorneys who claim to be certified.  Being certified does not mean that they can try a criminal case, only that they passed a written exam.  Passing a written exam does not equate to winning at trial before a jury.

Lastly, like any other professional it is important to do a google search on the attorney that you are thinking of hiring to find out whether they have any bad reviews, have been disciplined, or simply do not have the experience necessary to handle or case.

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